Going under the plow

In last Saturday's religion page (2/28/15) I pondered my Lenten landscape-- the stubble fields of the long-gone family wheat farm.  (Check it out here.)  It's a rich image for me.  Stubble just stands there, not doing much on the outside, but making new life for the soil through its roots.  That's what Lent feels like to me.  That's what retirement feels like.  Quiet, still being--with new life being nurtured beneath the surface.   I love it!

However, I suggested that part of my stubble field was getting psyched up to go back under the plow, to get back in production -- and this is the seed to be planted: coaching.  It's a startling discipline that has first done its work on me through being coached by my colleagues in coach training.  That work guided me all last year through the ups and downs of leaving a congregation I loved.  It helped shape a healthy and relatively smooth transition.  I know it works!

Ministry is such a privileged call-- and it's so hard sometimes.  I wish I'd had a coach as a young pastor.  (Maybe I wouldn't have screwed up so much!)   But now I'm getting set to share this  new toolkit with my colleagues, and I'm excited about getting back at it.  Spring planting is right around the corner.  Colleagues, give me a call if you want to check out what coaching might have to offer you.  Here we go!

Posted on March 4, 2015 .